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The current status of the 100 US commercial nuclear reactors is listed below. A complete shutdown means that a reactor is outputing 0 MW whereas a partial shutdown means that a reactor is powering down for maintenance and refueling or is powering up after servicing. The estimated volume of natural gas that is burned daily to compensate for the shutdown is listed as well. Information regarding the reason for the shutdown and estimated time until the reactor is restarted can be found on the NRC website HERE.

Disclaimer: Natural Gas Storage Projections, Intraday Natural Gas Stats, Morning Reports, and fundamental pricing models are released by Powerburn as experimental products. While they are intended to provide accurate, up-to-date data, they should not be used alone in making investment decisions, or decisions of any kind. Powerburn does not make an express or implied warranty of any kind regarding the data information including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.

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